Full-day excursion Odisha : Bhubaneswar Heritage Walk

The Bhubaneswar historical walk to observe the stunning temple architecture, priests' way of life, and their means of subsistence.

The walk begins early in the morning at the Mukteswar temple. The purpose is to explore the wealth of temples from the sixth to the thirteenth centuries.

The entire walking distance varies from 3 to 5 km, depending on the guests' interests and the temperature.

The streets and bazaars surrounding the temple are distinctive in their own right, with stands selling religious books, picture frames, and other items alongside vegetable vendors offering fresh, green veggies and vibrant flowers and street food.

Additionally, there are prayer tanks that are holy, a lot of inexpensive rest houses called Dhamasala by the locals, expansive temple kitchens, and smoke emanating from the royal kitchen. For those who want to capture everyday street life and significant monuments on camera, this tour is highly recommended.

The state capital of Odisha, India, is Bhubaneswar. It is the biggest city in Odisha and a significant hub for both the arts and economy in Eastern India. The term Tribhubaneswar, which literally translates to "the Lord of the Three Worlds," is the source of the native name Bhubaneswar. Shiva is the god of the Lingaraj Temple. The amazing temple architecture, history, and culture may be seen by taking the heritage walks to Bhubaneswar's old city.

The total walk stretch is 3 km. The heritage walk includes the following trails:

  • 1. Mukteshwar Temple
  • 2. Parashurameswar Temple
  • 3. Bindusagar Lake
  • 4. Ananta Basudev Temple
  • 5. Dharmashala
  • 6. Lingaraj Temple
  • 7. Chitrakarini Temple
  • 8. Sari Temple
  • 9. Ekamravan Herbal Garden
  • 10. Odissi Dance (only on Sunday)

Basic Details:

Start Point: 6 Am: Mukteswar Temple
Ending Point: 9:30 Am: Ekamravan Herbal Garden
Category: Heritage walking tours


  • • Round trip hotel transfers in air-conditioned vehicle.
  • • Private / Group full day sightseeing in air-conditioned vehicle. Entrances fees at all sights.
  • • Only Group Tour Includes Accompanied Travel Guide.


  • • Customized tour rates will be furnished upon request.
  • • Lunch is not included in the package. The driver/ guide will recommend and guide you to the local restaurants.

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